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The primary reason many practices don't achieve their desired impact and growth is that they haven't mastered the art of transitioning from "Hello to Yes."

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The indispensable Art of Getting “YES”

Practices must master the art of influence to not only attract clients but also to confidently guide them from initial consultation to agreeing to essential products and services you offer. This skill is vital in ensuring clients overcome their hesitations and trust in the recommended care, leading to sustainable results and enhanced client satisfaction. Effectively going from "Hello" to "Yes" with clients not only fills appointment slots but also ensures that clients receive the services they need for their money, time, and magic.

Build a platform to build your practice

Building a platform significantly enhances a practice's visibility and credibility, making it a go-to resource in the community and thus naturally increasing client referrals. A well-established platform allows for greater engagement with potential and current clients fostering trust and a sense of community, which encourages clients to recommend the practice to others. Additionally, a robust platform showcases expertise and success stories, reassuring prospective clients of the high-quality care they can expect, thereby prompting more referrals.

Ecosystem Partnerships

Creating ecosystem partnerships for practices significantly amplifies referral numbers by establishing a network of complementary services that can mutually benefit each other. By aligning with businesses like fitness centers, nutritionists, or specialist clinics, a medical practice can gain access to a broader patient base, as these partners refer their clients for medical services. Such partnerships not only enhance the range of holistic healthcare solutions available to patients but also foster a sense of community trust and reliability, leading to increased patient referrals and sustained practice growth.

Shared Experiences

Just like a flash mob in the middle of a mall, shared experiences in your practice can create a buzz more infectious than the common cold. It's like throwing a surprise party every day; clients show up and are captivated by the unexpected joy, eagerly spreading the word to friends and family. By embracing these shared experiences, you add a sprinkle of magic to your practice routine, turning your practice into a storytelling haven where each client becomes both a rave reviewer and an enthusiastic, free advertiser.

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Kion's Training Testimonial

Kion's why

Erik asked for a training because he noticed they were stuck. If you’re stuck, usually what happens is that revenue is low. He was brave enough to ask for a fresh perspective for his sales team. These were the results they noticed after the training:

Their Results:

Work with Bella Verita

From the age of 8, Bella demonstrated her knack for persuasion and business development by selling crafts on her front lawn. This innate business acumen propelled her to become a top earner in a network marketing company by 19. By 24, she had established a multi-million-dollar real estate firm, earning her the title of Nevada’s #1 business broker.

For the past two decades, Bella has led leadership training with esteemed hospitality giants like MGM Grand, Caesars Entertainment, and Four Seasons. She’s also joined forces with service-oriented firms such as Appreciation Financial and Unblinded, and renowned department store brands like Dillard’s and Macy’s leveraging her expertise to cultivate environments that boost sales, amplify revenue, and foster long-lasting, high-value client and staff relationships.

In the harrowing year of 2023, Bella faced one of life’s most daunting challenges: a personal battle with cancer. As she sought refuge in medical practices, she was met with an unexpected hurdle. The very first point of contact, the front desk staff, often left her feeling uncared for and overwhelmed, lacking the patience to guide her to the right health plan.

Emerging triumphant from her ordeal, Bella’s spirit was not just unbroken but ignited with a newfound purpose. She realized that it wasn’t the lack of treatments or options that made patients and staff suffer; it was the lack of guidance and assurance at the very beginning of their journey. No one, Bella firmly believed, should have to grapple with such despair, especially when they’re already battling health challenges. 

With her profound expertise in sales and relationship-building, Bella has since devoted herself to the medical industry. Her mission? To ensure that medical practices are equipped with skilled staff who can genuinely assist, guide, and comfort patients as well as fellow team members. Because in times of adversity, we don’t just need medical solutions—we need understanding, support, and sometimes, just someone to help us make that crucial decision with people we can trust. Bella’s battle with cancer evolved into a profound mission: to reshape the medical industry by fostering stronger, more compassionate relationships between staff and with their patients to drive revenue and build practices unique heroic brand.