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The right training combined with the right sales agents
results in success.

“First and foremost, I would just speak to the confidence of my salespeople. It used to be a fight to get them to pick up the phone at any given day. And now that they’ve through the training with Align, their level of confidence has skyrocketed, they’re excited to pick up the phones every day! They’re not afraid of rejection, if that comes. 

We’ve seen in the last 4 months, two of which have been our biggest months on record as far as revenue’s concerned, about 50% more revenue”

Kion's customer service and sales manager

- Erik

Corporate Training Client

Kion's Training Testimonial

Kion's why

Erik asked for a training because he noticed they were stuck. If you’re stuck, usually what happens is that revenue is low. He was brave enough to ask for a fresh perspective for his sales team. These were the results they noticed after the training:

Their Results:

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