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Work with Bella Verita

Bella has been selling since she was 8-years-old.  She’s taken that natural ability to build a multiple 7 figure real estate company and become a #1 business broker in the state of Nevada.

She also became a top income earner in a network marketing organization at the tender age of 19.  Some may say she has sales in her soul.  Her passion to help others thrive in the area of sales in order to grow, scale and serve more people has transformed well-known companies like the Boss Babe Empire.

Her passion is to change lives through sales. Because she has been a part of such massive sales success, she knows first-hand that aligned sales can grow businesses and completely change incomes for families. Her dream is to change the lives of thousands of women through her unique and powerful sales methods.

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Align Sales & Unblinded

A fun, free magical gameshow to have an opportunity to be placed in a high-earning sales position. It’s a TED Talk meets “Shark Tank”. It’s a 90-minute live-streamed game show where potential agents show off their skills of influence and then are rated to see who has the highest level of mastery or potential.

Winners can pick a dream sales opportunity.

Contestants can play more than once and all the while receive invaluable coaching from Bella Verita, Sales Sorceress. Everyone, contestants and viewers alike are guaranteed to leave with at least 1 skill or valuable piece of advice to improve their sales immediately.

Sales Psychology PDF + Training

Leverage objections to close more sales and create Brand Intimacy with your clients

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