Align Sales Agency

About us

We want to change the sales industry.

We are an unapologetically female-led team, fully committed to grant success, love, thrive and fun to our entrepreneurs and sales agents. 


To inspire, train and connect sales professionals with entrepreneurs and make sure they both thrive, scale and impact the world at their best.



Our vision is a world where starting now, entrepreneurs create unimaginable abundance by hiring heart-centred sales professionals.


relax, alone, meditate

The Align Sales Core Values and Mission Manifesto

I am Heroic

I Am Certain in the Midst of Chaos.

I am Enlightened

I Choose Love and transparency

I am an Amplifier

I Choose To Execute Better, Faster, Efficacious.

I am Remarkable

I Learn, I Do, and I Teach

I am a Thankful Servant Leader

I Lead With Gratitude, Empathy & Humanity

I am Align

I Always Go Above & Beyond

Bella Verita

Our Chief Sales Sorceress.

Bella has been selling since she was 8-years-old. She’s taken that natural ability to build a multiple 7 figure real estate company and become a #1 business broker in the state of Nevada.

She also became a top income earner in a network marketing organization at the tender age of 19. Some may say she has sales in her soul.

She has leant and succeeded on her abilities even in the most scary and challenging moments of her life. She’s been coaching herself and others to make sure that sales becomes a more HEART-centered world. 

Bring sales mastery

to Your Audience

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