Align Sales Agency

Tribe Onboarding Guide

Welcome To Align's Sales Tribe

Please read through this page carefully. It has everything you need to get started in the program.

Complete the follwing Steps To Get on the Tribe


Join the Tribe's Slack

Once you’ve gotten set up, search for the #salestribe channel and introduce yourself by telling everyone who you are and a fun fact!

STEP 2: Weekly Events Calendar

Start Your Sales Training

We host 2 weekly training sessions, 2 weekly Real Raws and many more lives. Add this calendar to your gmail by clicking the button below and stay in touch with everything Align can offer. Click Below to add the training schedule to your calendar

STEP 3: Let Our Clients Get to know you

Create An About Me Video

Record a 2 minute video telling our clients why they should pick you to be their next sales rockstar. Once you are done send it to

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STEP 4: Let us get to know you

Send us your resume

Please send your resume to We will like to know your experience and strenghts to help us guide you better.

STEP 5: Join the community

Access Our Private Facebook Group

This is where you can stay up to date with new events coming up, watch  training replays  and other exciting stuff we offer to our sales tribe and community. 

Your Tribe leader Bella Verita

Align's Chief Sales Sorceress

"Education is the key to unlocking the world, a passport to freedom!"

No where is this more true than here at Align Sales. We are disrupting the paradigm of sales. Our education and training is different than any other typical sales trainings. You won’t get the standard steps–we do not teach people to be “closers.”

We teach to be change makers, heart-centered and integrity-based sales women (and men). The end result is more money, time and magic for all involved. Since our trainings are vastly different from anything else out there, it is important to come to as many weekly trainings as you can. 

The faster you can master these principles, the faster you will grow and the faster we can place you in a dream role. We are excited to see you at the next training.