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What I Do

I show you in a fun and distrupting way how changing the sales ways can have a huge impact on your revenue.

Sales Coaching

I find sales professionals and get them to the best they can be through role-plays, activations and a proven system that makes them thrive in their sales abilities.


I participated in podcasts, coaching events, and more. Do you want your audience to know more about how are we disrupting sales?


I provide our clients with the best sales professionals for their companies, after experiencing sales myself in beauty and real estate at the highest level.

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Why your audience should know me

Bella is the CEO and founder of the first female-led sales agency serving the US, Canada and Australia.

She has been selling since she was 8-years-old. After spending several years in the dangerous world of drug sales she had a turning point that forced her to make new choices: she transitioned into the world of Network Marketing. By the time she was 19, she became a top income earner in that organization.

She quickly discovered something about sales that her competitors seemed to not understand: A true desire to make people feel listened to, paired with a go-getter attitude, outperformed all the aggressive or manipulative sales tactics that were industry standard. As a result, she built a multiple 7 figure real estate company by 24 becoming #1 business broker in the state of Nevada.  Some may say she has sales in her soul. 

Now as the CEO of Align Sales Services LLC her passion is helping businesses scale and women create financial independence through sales. In fact, she places more female sales professionals than any other company in the US.

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