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so you think you can sell?

Real Raw Open

So you’re ready to take the stage and show the world your magic skills! We know you already know you’re the best so we’ll just take a brief few moments to prep you for the show so you can show the world the winner you are. 

Inside our Facebook group for Sales Professionals you will see past episodes of The Real Raw. We encourage you to review a few shows to have optics on the magic and your mind is prepared to win. To support the magic and greatness of others make sure to leave a comment of something you learned from someone else.

This is NOT Wolf of Wall Street meet Boiler Room. It’s more of a Shark Tank meets Ted Talk. You will be inspired as well as be inspiring. There isn’t much to prepare. All you need to be prepared:

  • A 30-second introduction about yourself and your sales superpower!
  • How to magically go from Hello to yes about anything you want
  • A fun attitude and a winning mindset

Remember the formula I mentioned in the last email that took a business from 0 to $450k in monthly sales during COVID with no events, funnels, or paid ads and raise 1.7 Million dollars to end sex trafficing in 26 minutes…well here it is. If you want an advantage over other leaders I highly recommend watching THIS video on what that formula actually is and be prepared with your magic for the show!

Whether you’re coming on the show to master your skills, show off your skills or win your next dream opportunity, it will be the thing you say you’re most grateful you did and you’ll have the swag to prove it.