Align Sales Agency

“Why Me” Videos

To apply to be on a client account, you will be required to create a “Why Me” video for us to send to that client. These videos are used as a first impression for the entrepreneur to decide who they would like to further interview.

How to Create the Best Why Me Video

Please watch the video in this module for a 14 minute training on how to create the best “Why Me” videos for potential client accounts.

Example of a successful “Why Me” video:

To Apply For A New Position

New job postings will show up throughout the weeks on the #job-board channel. They will look like a link to the website of the entrepreneur, as well as a short description of what the offer is and any specifications the entrepreneurs have.

  1. If an offer interests you, raise your hand by putting a raised hand emoji under the post so we know you’ll be creating a video.
  2.  Then it’s time for your introduction video! Within 48 hours, you’ll need to record a video that includes:
    1. Your name
    2. Where you’re from
    3. What you love about the brand, company, mission, or culture — this should reference something you connected with on their site, why the offer interests you, etc
    4. Your background, sales experience and why the entrepreneur should choose you
    5. Here is an example of an A+ “Why Me” Video:
  3. Once you’re done with your video, post the video (or a link to the video) in the thread underneath the original post on the #job-board channel. The video will then be reviewed by the leadership team and if any revisions are needed, notes will be sent to you. Once we’ve gotten a video from you that meets expectations, CONGRATS. You’ve applied! Your video will be sent to the entrepreneur and the matching process will continue from there.