Align Sales Agency

Review the Core Values

Here is the link to our Core Values Manifesto.

We’re happy to have you.

You’re also here because you want to grow. And we don’t take the growth process lightly. You will be pushed and stretched. We expect you to exceed your own expectations. If not then why be here?

You have two choices:

1. Grow
2. Decay

We’re committed to everyone’s growth.

Being here is a choice. Should that choice change and not feel aligned any longer you reserve the right to change your choice. We honor you, and you should have the “I’M MEANT TO BE HERE FEELING.” Your contribution matters.


That means you have to earn the right to take inbound calls. Some people think “Wow… well I am a good closer. I am above that.” MASTERS have never arrived. If you’re a good closer than closing outbound leads shouldn’t be a problem.

With a good tracker record proven within a week or two you will be provided inbound leads. However, outbound is ALWAYS expected while on an Align account. If you’re unwilling to walk that fire, respectfully, this would not be the home for you to grow in.

As a SERVANT, you’re committed to doing what it takes to serve the clients best.

In this course we will teach you everything you need to know from:

  • Setting appointments
  • Managing pipeline and CRMs
  • Using all technology for making / recording calls / collecting money
  • Nurturing leads in the Facebook group
  • Nurturing leads with our archived content & media
  • Submitting reports for commissions (to get paid)
  • The Align Sales Scripts and Frameworks
  • Other sales trainings
  • And a lot of other goodies

Welcome aboard,