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BONUS: Script Q&A

Questions Timestamps

These are the timestamps for the questions that came directly from the end of a script framework and objections training Bella and Frank hosted for high-ticket business owners and salespeople.

0:00-13:00   Expectation setting and questions

13:01-1:29:00   Diving into each piece of the script and why it’s important (this is the same as the script training you already went through — feel free to listen through it another time here or skip if you wish!)

1:30:00-1:31:03   Introduction to objections, getting to the root of objections, answering objections with clarifying questions

1:31:04-1:35:11 AND 1:41:00-1:41:30   Spouse objections

1:35:13-1:40:13   “I need to pray about it/meditate about it” objections

1:41:30-1:49:28    Money objections — what do people actually mean by “I don’t have the money”?

1:49:30- END   15 Minute Screening Call — when should I implement this triage call and what is it’s purpose?

Bella’s example framework –