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Hey Powerhouse

Here is why you should Train with Bella

Some may say she has sales in her soul. The best that she can do is give support and take sales professionals like you to the next level. She does that by increasing your closing rates way further if you are already working in sales and connecting you with your ideal job if you need an upgrade!

She also thrives in serving future sales stars to help you find out what increasing your influence can do for you. 

Here's what you'll learn
when you work and train with us

Mastering the NLP of Sales

This is not like other sales programs. This course is about transforming the lives of other women. To be able to have an impact you need influence. To have influence you need to have authority. And to have authority you need to understand human psychology and how we operate.

You will learn science, psychology, and physiology of sales (and yourself), reinventing how you think about the sales role, your value and ability to influence others to create your dream sales role.

Nurturing Sales

Now that you have mastery over the skill of influence, psychology and physiology, blocks are eliminated that keep you from having transformational conversations that get you paid.

You will discover the art of asking powerful questions and mastering intimacy through powerful question asking. You will discover the key points to ask and create the relationship you and your clients dream of. This skill will get you that dream job where you get to impact millions.

Mastering Heart-Based Solution Selling

Closing without feeling salesy comes down to understanding your buyers’ unique problems, how to touch their hearts to influence a powerful buying solution.

I’ve personally sold over a million dollars in one conversation. I’ve had women write me a check for $40,000 after only meeting me once.
You won’t learn hard closing masculine tactics. You will develop the skill and intuition to ask the questions that generate the aha moments that create trust, intimacy and inspires buying decisions.

Intimate Objection Handling

Imagine successfully influencing anyone into a buying decision without feeling rejected. Imagine your presence being so powerful that people say yes to you. Not just in business but in relationships or any other situation. 

Preeminence is the foundation of sales as a service. Preeminence is a multifaceted approach like an integrated fabric: it’s a strategic mindset. 

Soul Sales Scripting

Sales is not supposed to feel salesy. It’s supposed to feel transformative. When you have a script that gets to the heart of a human you transform their lives.

Imagine feeling proud everyday because of the lives you transform, in addition to this numbers you need to get to.

Sales Audit Survey performing

You will learn how to successfully perform a sales audit for any company such that you can land any
dream job you apply for.

Not only that, but one that you can ensure this transformational process you’ve learned will endure and evolve with the company you apply for.

Let us help you Unlock Your Unapologetic Mindset to become the top 1% of Sales professionals

You can’t land your dream job with a broke mindset.

Other programs tell you how to upgrade your money mindset. We teach you the neuroscience of the money mindset upgrade so you can unapologetically make the money you desire.

Why is this the first step of a sales course? If money isn’t your best friend you won’t get to spend much time with it.

Don’t take our word for it. Check out The Remote sales lifestyle other Sales Sorceresses are living.

RaYvn Headshot_Testimonial 2

Sales Mastery Student

Rayvn's success story

Before I found Align Sales I was stuck. I had left my corporate advertising sales job in NYC in 2016 to relocate to the West Coast and 4 years later I was still struggling…I wanted to travel and be independent like in my NYC days, but instead I was stuck in a relationship that had run its course, because I could not afford to pay the rent and he could!

I joined Align Sales in March 2020 and began my training as an Align Sales Agent.

Fast forward June 2020 I landed my first entrepreneur contract and made over $8,000 working part-time in just 2 months! I also just got hired for my 2nd part time remote sales position for an incredibly aligned position that has long-term growth potential!

Now as I write this at the end of September 2020 I am getting ready to spend the next 3 months in Costa Rica solo. I booked at a beautiful home overlooking mountain views fit for a Queen where I will get to work my sales jobs from my laptop in paradise. None of this would have been possible without Bella Verita and Align Sales!

Rozlyn Zelinda - Align Sales Agent

Sales Mastery Student

Rozlyn's success story

“I have been in sales for most of my professional career. A majority of my sales experience was in the corporate business space. I quickly realized that selling corporate for many years, did not exactly translate to selling directly to the consumer. 

The Align Sales Training Program has taught me how to shift my pitch to a more personalized angle, encouraged me to trust my intuition in the process and helped me to navigate client objections. 

The ongoing weekly calls have helped me to dig deeper and fine tune my sales abilities. The whole Align Team is heart-centered and in integrity, which is a “must have” with a company I choose to partner with. Bless — Rozlyn”

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